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Does My Small Business Need a Marketing Team?

As a business owner, your work for the day is never done. There are constant emails, phone calls, and platforms that need to be maintained that you never find time for yourself anymore. Our small group of dedicated business owners, Jaci and Solomon, know what it’s like to spend many late nights perfecting the formula. With their hard work and grit, they were able to create a business with the client's voice at heart. For us, we are tired of seeing businesses throw their money away with marketing companies that never provide a return on investment. We are here to deliver real results but also have your interest at heart. Your primary focus should be on your company and allow us to take care of your social and marketing strategies.

Your Customer is a Smart Consumer

Just because your business isn’t a technologically advanced product doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have access to online platforms or a website. For many companies, you are no longer competing on price but by social media presence. You may bend over backwards to make a customer happy and in hopes that they return with continuous business. In theory, we knock the socks off a new customer, but how does this single experience bring in new customers? With social networking, this process is made easy. By establishing a social presence, like Yelp, your smart consumers can now share their experience for all to see because real-life experiences have a significant impact.

“Like” it! Love it! I Want Some More Of It!”

The Facebook “like” button even plays a role in our social media presence and, thus, potential customers. When someone presses the “like” button on Facebook, they are 91% more likely to refer a friend to your business. For them to press the “like” button, first, you need to build your social media presence. Because we are human, and even though our communication is mostly done digitally, we still crave social interactions. One of the most influential products to your relationship with your clients is emails and social media, and combining the two creates a social visibility for new prospects.

One key factor to always remember a majority of web browsing is done with a cellphone. The thumb has become the new mouse, so it’s essential to make all your online campaigns mobile-optimized, including emails, web pages, and social platforms.

What Does the Client Want?

Now you need to create your email campaign but what do people want? Your loyal customers want your attention: insider information, feel like a part of the team, special discounts, etc. But one of the most important parts about social media and emails is that you need to create your business’s persona. Imagine if your company had a voice; customers like to hear a real person behind your page. A persona strengthens the perception of a relationship between your business and clients. Thus leading to 69% of people more likely to spend money when they build this relationship. The relationship you build with your client alone is a stronger competitor than pricing and sometimes even services.

By building this relationship, you are extending your visibility with social networking because you are also talking and engaging with customers or potential ones. Utilize this platform as an advocate for your business and extend future opportunities.

Be the Tech Leader of Your Industry

Tech leaders outperform small businesses because revenue grows 15% faster and offers twice as many jobs. If you become the leader in adopting this technology, especially to be the first of your industry, imagine the potential clients that will help you prosper. When you are the leader in utilizing technology, you also have a six times more likely chance of gaining international clients. 98% of small businesses that have the opportunity to export internationally, only 3% actually do. You may think that your business thrives from being driven by a small community and your returning customers. When you feel like this, you are missing out on all the international customers that may be looking for the specific service you offer. What is the easiest way to spread the word internationally? Through social media.

Don’t go social because everyone else it, go social because it has an impact and influences customers’ purchases. There is a fear of stepping into the social game because you are unaware of the outcome. Forrester predicts that digital marketing spending by 2023 will reach $146 billion. In another report, Forrester predicts that there will be “a new emphasis on quality over quantity, a dynamic that will reintroduce human intervention into programmatic ad buying.” Thus, rewarding those who have already established and are thriving in the digital marketing realm. Build your social and marketing empire with Reframed to be one of the few companies ahead of the game.

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