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  • How do I contact Reframed Marketing & Design?
    You can call us at (239) 400-1701 or send an email to You can also reach out to us on our website messenger or our Facebook page!
  • Where do I begin?
    To begin, just go to the page of the service you're needing help with and fill out the short questionnaire on that page. Once we receive your response we can create and send you our customized proposal for your review and approval. If you prefer to meet in person we can schedule a time that is conveneint for you to go over our services and then we can provide a proposal based off our meeting. Once a proposal is accepted we will send our contract for you to sign and an invoice for the deposit or setup fee to get started on the project or monthly service. You can reach us at (239) 400-1701 or send an email to You can also reach out to us on our website messenger or our Facebook page!
  • What services does Reframed Marketing & Design offer?
    We are a digital marketing agency that offers the following services: consulting, digital marketing, search engine marketing (SEM/PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), digital presence optimization, digital presence audits, media buys, social media ads, web design, and graphic design.
  • What is Reframed's onboarding process for ongoing services?
    STEP 1. CONSULTATION/INTERVIEW - We meet at your business (or place of choice) to discuss your business and how we can help. STEP 2. RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT - We dive deep into your business and its top competitors to find out how we can best implement our campaigns. STEP 3. REVIEW PROPOSAL - We create a customized proposal and send it to you for review. STEP 4. SIGN SERVICE AGREEMENT - If you agree to our proposal we will send you a simple month-to-month service agreement to review and sign. STEP 5. CAMPAIGN BUILD-OUT & START - Once we have a signed service agreement we will forward your 1st invoice and begin services as soon as we receive your first payment.
  • How is Reframed's response time?
    We believe that response time to our clients is key to everything we do. We thrive on steady communications with our clients to make their campaigns a success. If you email/call/text us, we try our best to respond within the hour if we are not immediately available. If for some reason we are tied up or out of the office, we will return your email or call by the end of the day at the very least.
  • Does Reframed partner with direct competitors of our clients?
    No. Reframed is a boutique agency that does not work with multiple clients in the same industry. We are able to offer individual services such as graphics, web design, website SEO, digital presence optimizations, etc. for any number of clients. But for ongoing marketing services we believe in not having a conflict of interest or clients that compete with each other, especially with the type of services we provide.
  • Does Reframed guarantee SEO (Search Engine Optimization) results?
    No company can guarantee organic first page results as part of their SEO strategy. Search engines keep their algorithms a secret which allows them to be successful. We keep up to date with the latest algorithms and adjust all of our campaigns accordingly to keep up with the search engines and their latest trends to make sure your website and company continue to improve their ranking on a regular basis.
  • Does Reframed guarantee SEM/PPC (Google Adwords) results?
    Just like SEO, no company can guarantee results as part of their PPC campaign. The difference in PPC campaigns are that you can advertise at the top of search engine results and know how many potential customers 'Clicked' and went to your website or landing page for more information or to contact your business.
  • Does Reframed guarantee Social Media Ad results?
    Just like SEO & SEM, no company can guarantee results as part of their Social Media Ads campaign. The difference in social media campaigns are that you can advertise on social media and know how many potential customers 'Clicked' or 'Interacted' on your social media ad campaigns and/or went to your website or landing page for more information or to contact your business. We believe Social Media is the future leader in advertising and we rely heavily on our research-driven and targeted campaigns to bring the most attention to your company vs your competitors. Like television social media has become the new tool for advertising. The difference is you can target who see's your ads using social media.
  • Is there a ramp-up time for my marketing efforts before I start to see results?
    Yes. Whenever you are running a digital marketing campaigns such as Google Adwords (PPC) or Social Media Ad's, there is time needed for Google as well as Facebook to run, test, and optimize your ad's so that they can deliver them to your most relevant audience or customers. This ramp-up time is also based on a number of different factors such as your industry, competitors, budget, location, and whether your business is dependent on the season or time of year. At a very minimum 1-2 month's are necessary in order to get a baseline for your specific business. Not to say that you will not get immediate results or a new influx of customers, we just need this time to properly analyze the marketing budget you provide with the results that are coming in for your business. Building a good foundation is the key for creating campaigns that will stand the test of time.
  • Does Reframed provide print services?
    We do not provide print services, but do offer a few recommendations on who we use locally for high quality print service. Please contact us for details. We provide graphic design services to our clients and provide all the necessary file types that they need in order to have their project printed professionally.
  • How does Reframed's pricing work?
    Our ongoing packages are custom suited for each individual client or business. We have packages that start as low as $1,500 a month (which include ad spends) and go up from there depending on your business needs and campaigns you would like to implement. All of our ongoing services are month-to-month. After one of our consultations, we will create a custom proposal that is suited to your business needs and budget in order to provide you with a clear expectation for the ongoing services we can provide. For individual services that are one-time services (such as website design, graphic design, press release, branding kit, print designs, etc.) we obtain the information we need from you, using one of our easy online questionnaires, in order to determine an exact proposal & timeline for your requested project.
  • Does Reframed require a setup fee?
    Yes, there is a setup fee that is based on the number and type of services you request. When we provide a proposal, we will include the setup fees associated with the custom plan you select so that you understand what they are for.
  • Does Reframed require a contract?
    Yes, but all of our ongoing services are month-to-month and can be cancelled with a 2 week's notice.
  • What forms of payment does Reframed accept?
    For all of our services we accept many forms of payment. We bill our clients using Quickbooks and can accept the following payments: Cash Check ACH Bank Transfer Debit Card Visa MasterCard American Express Discover We do prefer larger payments be made via check to help us save on debit/credit-card transaction fee's. But you are always welcome to pay with whatever form is most convenient for you and your business!
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