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Public Relations... All about LASTING RELATIONSHIPS!

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Companies ask us all the time: “why is (insert competitor) always in the spotlight, and I’m not?” or “This company shouldn’t get the coverage that we deserve!” That’s a great question. The truth is, your competitor is probably getting more media coverage than you because they’re a more reliable resource for journalists than you are. No, we are not referring to money when when we talk about resources. We are talking about unpaid, earned media and industry credibility through our unique expertise on relevant, trending topics that matter to the journalist’s target audience. If your business wants or expects coverage from the media, you need to form and maintain lasting relationships with the press. This means providing newsworthy information regularly such as: expert commentary, timely events, pieces of human interest for their respective audiences, and exclusive press releases or interviews. In other words - be a source of value and not for you, for the media!

Just like any relationship, working with journalists requires “give and take” – you cannot expect to receive something if you don’t offer something in return. Balance between give and take is vital, in fact, when you do not giving enough – you reap what you sow, as the biblical saying puts it. Journalists know when you’re just trying to ‘toot your own horn,’ and it can be hard to set aside your own agenda for the sake of a media relation, but sometimes it is necessary to offer valuable pieces of information even if it means you aren’t being featured every time. As a team of PR experts, we are here to do the heavy lifting for you because we know the end result will pay off!

At Reframed our core values are based on REspect, RElationships and REsults - we utilize these values to foster respectful, mutually beneficial relationships with the media to provide our clients with tangible results. Our team works with journalists daily who are searching for potential news stories, influential sources to quote and significant announcements to share and that is where we place our clients in the limelight. It’s one of the reasons we are a top-rated PR agency in Fort Myers!

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