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REsocialize your business from the RElevant platforms!

How many social media platforms should your business focus on?

As a business owner in today’s world, it’s hard to know how many social media platforms you should utilize -- let alone which ones will be the most beneficial. There is no unanimous answer for this frequently asked question. Each platform has its own audience, benefits, and challenges. But don’t worry. Reframed is breaking it all down for you to help you figure the best platforms for your company to use -- all based on what’s most important to your business.

Want New Customers?

Getting your name out there is harder than it sounds. You can spend your budget on a high priced ad, but WHO is making sure your hitting your right audience? When it comes to spreading the word and getting new customers, Facebook is one of the leading advertising platforms with over 2 billion users and growing. It also offers a wide range of content options for your business. From photos and live videos to its easy sharing feature, Facebook is a great tool for interacting with your audience. For some inspiration to jump start your company’s page, NUTELLA is a great business to follow when it comes to what Facebook users love. With over 31 million likes and followers, Nutella’s personable posts are SPREADING worldwide and everyone is noticing. Facebook can serve as a staple for your business and if you play the game right, you WILL see results.

Want to Showcase Your Business?

As a business owner you want everyone to envision your company the way you do. A picture is worth a thousand words and platforms like Instagram and Pinterest agree. With strong visuals and intentional posts, you can convey the ideals and overall feel of your company. This can really help new and previous customers stay connected with your business and be reminded of why they keep coming back for more. Instagram allows more room for personalization with its live video IGTV and story feature. To be successful on this platform, you must have an eye for what’s aesthetically pleasing. It’s important to create content that will engage your quick scrolling customer to stop and pay attention to your picture amongst thousands. Pinterest is a great way to ignite inspiration in your viewer. By creating collages or ‘pins’ of your products outcomes or service portfolio work, potential customers are able to fall in love with the idea and theme you present them. You can also pin things that inspire your company so your customers know you are always evolving and looking for new ideas. Whole Foods took Pinterest and ran with a never ending feed of food inspiration. They showcase recipes with products that can only be found in their stores and makes your mouth water by just scrolling.

Want to Sell Product?

Time is money and if you’re putting in the work and you still aren’t getting sales it can be frustrating. A great pair of platforms for selling your product is by far, Instagram and Facebook. Both of these have been set up for promoting sales for your company. With Instagram’s swipe up feature it is a quick and simple way to convert a viewer to a buyer. This feature is reserved for pages with 10,000 followers or more, but with the right people running your page you can get there over time. Facebook offers amazing ad opportunities and allows you to target an audience of your choice. They also allow you to create a store that your viewer can browse through and can instantly be brought to your website. An example of how to break the mold with your Instagram or Facebook account is Sharpie. They continuously show you that their product is more than just a labeling tool. They inspire you to do more and think outside the box with their product while sticking true to who they are as a company.

Want Instant Customer Service?

Maintaining a positive customer relationship is key to the success for any company. As an owner of a business big or small, it’s important to see the impact you’re having on the community. Facebook and Twitter are great tools to keep up to date on how your customers are enjoying your product or service. With Twitter, you can share short text updates (280 characters or fewer), videos, images, links, polls, and more. You can share your thoughts, retweet relevant posts to your business, and promote your company. Both Facebook and Twitter have ways to tag other users so it’s easy to see who’s talking about you. Also, many people reach out to companies via social media to engage in hopes of receiving a speedy response. Utilizing these platforms will boost your overall public relations and will be the quickest way for you as a company to receive feedback. If you’re looking for a good laugh, checkout Wendy’s Twitter account. It’s definitely not the approach for everyone, but they have rebranded their voice as a company and it’s working. They’ve connected with their customers on a personal level and turned their heavy competition with other fast food chains into a fun to watch banter.

With all of this in mind, it can be daunting for any company to implement these platforms all at once. Focusing on one or two at a time will be great way for you to get started and learn the ropes. At Reframed, our job day in and day out is to make this process seamless for our clients. We think outside the box and set our clients up for success. Why follow the competition when you can lead the way? Reframe on!

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