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Can You Find the Hidden Message? Logos with a Double Meaning!

Are you looking for some logo design inspiration or a puzzle to solve? Here are some logo examples that carry dual meanings in their graphic design. The hidden meanings explain either the nature of their business or clever representations of its name. Some are obvious and others require a sharp eye. All in all, these designers have skillfully captured the art direction and delivery of the hidden message. Check them out and give your best guesses below!

Corbin & Bourk Wealth Management’s logo, designed by Reframed, is signified with a bull to represent its partnership with Merrill Lynch and conveys its strength and aggression on behalf of their customers

Have you ever noticed the arrow in the negative space representing FedEx’s dedication speed and precision?

Amazon’s popular logo highlights it’s vast array of products from ‘a to z’ with a smile

Prime Development & Construction’s logo, designed by Reframed, captures its commitment to building quality homes from the ground up with the addition of an arrow in the shape of a home

Do you see a tree or a chimp looking at a lioness in the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium logo?

The Le Tour de France logo actually has two subliminal messages. The first may be easy to spot, the cyclist portrayed by the o and r in the word tour. The second message is a little more difficult, the yellow circle which is intended to represent the stages of the race only take place during the daytime.

In Greek Mythology, Atlas was a Titan who was responsible for bearing the weight of the heavens on his shoulders. The vision for this logo for Atlas Design & Engineering, designed by Reframed, was to represent how structural engineering is responsible for bearing the weight of a structurally sound building.

If you are a new company or an established company looking to RE-brand with a new logo and need help, contact Reframed. Our expert graphics team has a wealth of experience in logo design and branding providing you with a REfreshing look!

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