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Introducing our new Reframed Digital Marketing eBook!

Are you a Small Business Owner, Startup, or Entrepreneur and don't have a large budget for marketing, and don't know where to begin? For only $10 you can learn how to setup your digital marketing future the right way!

• For any Business industry, Brand, or Niche • 3 simple steps to setup your online presence • Easy to understand digital marketing concepts • Free & affordable tools to help you expand your business • Expand your online presence on the most important platforms • Step-by-step easy to understand digital marketing guide • Start your Digital Marketing journey today for only $10!

What to expect from our eBook

Our eBook 'Reframe Your Digital Marketing Plan' was designed for all the Small Business owners, Entrepreneurs, and DIYer's out there that want to start digital marketing but just don't know where to begin. As small business owners ourselves, we knew first-hand the frustration and struggle of not knowing where to begin when it came to digital marketing and our business.

We also ran into so many business owners who didn't have a huge budget for marketing and wanted to find the most affordable ways to market their business. We have tried so many methods over the years and have narrowed down our top ways to market any business online using the following methods:

Google Adwords (PPC - Pay-per-click Ads)

Social Media Marketing (PPC - Sponsored Ad's)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO - Online Website Ranking on Search Engines)

Email Marketing (Email Blasts with info on your business and various offers)

Although most of these methods involve a certain amount of marketing budget in order to utilize them, we found many times that with a little time and effort, business owners could at least create and leverage these platforms for their business and start with a small budget to grow over time.

In order to be successful on any of these platforms we also go over methods for optimizing your online presence in order to be successful using these methods. We recommend using the following methods:

Google Business Profile Optimization

Google Maps Optimization

Onsite Website SEO

Online Local Citation & Directory Submissions

Website Speed Optimization

Our hope is that once you have completed our guide you will have created a foundation for your digital marketing future and are able to have a leg up on your competition no matter the industry you are in.

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